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Our trackers come with everything you need to start tracking your pride and joy, out of the box.


  • 3 Year subscription to Track Car Live allowing you to view and manage your tracker 24/7
  • Pre-installed Mobile data SIM with 3 years of coverage across all major networks - International.
  • Real-time active vehicle tracking with active location updates
  • Trip data history with a 30 day history on trips and stops
  • Vehicle speed monitoring and alerts
  • Geofence setup for added vehicle security
  • Reports to review driver activity, routes, speed & stops

All this leads to a hands off plug and play solution with no monthly fees.

Power Consumption:

Input voltage range

  • 10–90 V DC with overvoltage and reverse polarity protection

Back-up battery

  • 320 mAh Li-Ion battery (0.63 Wh)

Power consumption

  • At 12V < 2 mA (Ultra Deep Sleep)
  • At 12V < 3 mA (Deep Sleep)
  • At 12V < 8 mA (Online Sleep)
  • At 12V < 12 mA (GPS Sleep)
  • At 12V < 28 mA (nominal)

Next-generation high voltage 4G LTE Cat 1 battery-mounted vehicle GPS tracker with enhanced GNSS accuracy and IP69K resistance.

FTC881 4G GPS Tracker

SKU: 704674134510
  • Introducing our GPS Tracker, a cutting-edge solution designed to empower you with real-time tracking and enhanced security for your valuable assets. Here's what sets our GPS Tracker apart:

    Real-Time Location Tracking:
    Stay connected to your assets 24/7 with precise real-time location tracking. Our GPS Tracker utilizes advanced satellite technology, providing accurate and up-to-the-minute location information.

    Global Connectivity:
    Equipped with SupaSim technology, our GPS Tracker ensures global connectivity. No matter where your adventures take you, stay assured that you can monitor your assets seamlessly.

    Extended Battery Life:
    Engineered for efficiency, our GPS Tracker comes with an extended battery life. With energy-saving features, you can rely on prolonged usage between charges.

    Geofencing and Alerts:
    Set up virtual boundaries with geofencing capabilities. Receive instant alerts on your mobile device or email if your asset moves beyond the designated area, enhancing security and control.

    Backup Battery for Uninterrupted Tracking:
    Worried about power disruptions? Our GPS Tracker comes with a built-in backup battery. In case of disconnection from the main power source, the device sends out immediate alerts, ensuring continuous tracking.

    User-Friendly Mobile App:
    Manage and monitor your GPS Tracker effortlessly through our user-friendly mobile app. Receive notifications, view historical data, and customize settings with ease.

    Durable and Tamper-Resistant:
    Built to withstand various environments, our GPS Tracker is durable and tamper-resistant, providing reliable performance in challenging conditions.

    Enhance the security and monitoring of your assets with the advanced features of our GPS Tracker. Wherever life takes you, stay connected and in control.

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